Thursday, May 21, 2015

Boston By the Water

I'm back with a few more pictures from our afternoon in Boston (I shared the first half earlier this week here). I don't have much else for you today - except maybe one thought on gratitude. I was reading through old notes this morning and came across something that struck a cord (I'm not entirely sure why, because at the moment I do feel like I have so many things to be grateful for). It went something like this:

You might ask, "What do I have to be grateful for when my life is falling apart?" Well, our gratitude shouldn't be proportional to the number of blessings we can count. Being grateful isn't what we do after our problems are solved - that is so short sided. How much on life do we miss out on if we are waiting for the rainbow to thank God there is rain?Gratitude should be an attitude, and when we cultivate it, we will find ourselves happier in any and every circumstance. 

^"really mom, I had to get out of my stroller for pictures, AGAIN?"

^sticking out his tongue already (for a few weeks this was his response every time I would go to kiss him #usingtonguealready)

^looking where I'm pointing is something Linc has just started picking up on (and clearly did not get at the time of this picture a few weeks ago...) 
^I kinda love that we have matching watches :) 
^Men that push strollers are my kinda thing (and by men, I mean Ben).

^I can't wait for the day we live close to the ocean again.

Boston, we love you. 

I also love when Lincoln takes naps. We won't count how many times this post has been interrupted this afternoon by a baby refusing to do what his mama knows is best ;) Its a good thing he's cute. 


on me:
Jacket: Prada (via my mom's closet)
denim: Lucky Brand
shoes; mom's closet (gotta love stealing your mother's clothes ;)  // similar here on sale
sunglasses: J.Crew Factory (on sale for $13)

on Ben:
jacket: Brookes Brothers (last season, this season's here)
polo: Banana Republic
denim: GAP
shoes: Sperry Top Sider
watch: Daniel Wellington

Lincoln's sweater (on huge sale)

Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Little Lincoln's Blessing Day

I'm a bit late sharing this (just got back from Lincoln's fourth month appointment where he handled his shots like a champ and I got chewed out for letting him sleep on his stomach), but I wanted to take the time to write down a few thoughts and share a few snaps from Lincoln's baby blessing. On the first Sunday in May, Ben and I were both in New Hampshire and Ben gave Linc the sweetest blessing during our regular church service. It was special for me because, while these kind of things usually happen when the babe is a bit younger, by waiting we were able to be surrounded by family and dear friends.

One of my favorite parts of the blessing was where Lincoln was told to take the good from each of his ancestors, his parents, grandparents, and great-grandparents and to build on their light. It was a reminder for me that so much of who I am, and so much of who Lincoln can be, is a result of the hard work of each generation in our family. I came across a quote in a book I'm reading (I shared it on instagram here) that reads,
"Pleasure takes the form of 'me' and 'now' while real joy is 'us' and 'always.'"
Following the blessing I had the chance to listen to quite a few of my family members share their convictions about faith and family and it really hit home that this is what its all about. There are many good things I can do in life (and I hope there are many good things I will do in life), but the most important, the most crucial, and the most long lasting, will be the work we do together as a family within our home. Along with the most important work, it is possible that this is also the most challenging. But, when I focus on 'us' and 'always' instead of 'me' and 'now,' there is plenty of joy to go around.

Here are just a few pictures from the day - the combo of getting out of church in the heat of the day with only direct sunlight, and everyone (including the baby) being hungry and tired, didn't make for the greatest of shots - but that one of all four generations of boys? That one makes it worth it :)

^can you spot Carly snapping our picture?
^that smile though :) 
^Lincoln and his great-grandparents! And they really are great - my grandma knitted the blessing blanket he's holding here and it took her months and months. I got to see the design before I was pregnant and I was just hoping I'd be the next grandchild to have my first baby so that blanket could be ours! (when you have so many cousins - there's no guarantee...I had two other cousins give birth the same month as Linc and my grandma proudly tells people Lincoln is their 42nd great-grandchild). Someday I should write a full post on the life lessons I've learned from these guys - but I just hope Ben and I are as happy and cute (and active and involved..) as they are when we're well into our eighties. 
^Four generations right there
^the family that showed up for the day (we had grandma in town + grandparents we live with + aunt and uncle up for the day + some cousins and their kids who left before we got around to taking pictures) 
^it was also a HUGE treat to have these two up for the day as well - Ryan and Carly were our best friends at BYU (we call them our "married rooommates" and you can see plenty of our old shenanigans here and here). They are still in Provo but happened to be visiting Carly's family in Boston the same week we were in New Hampshire and drove up for the blessing. We feel so lucky to have such dear friends ... and to have them have stayed such dear friends since we moved away two years ago. Maybe someday we'll get back to living four seconds away? A girl can dream :) 
^Showing off their baby bumps ....Car is due this fall and you can bet Lincoln and his future wife got plenty of cuddles as Carly held the baby that day ;)

"Okay Linc, we can be done taking pictures now"

a few details:
My dress was a gift from Shabby Apple
Linc's outfit was a gift from Feltman Brothers (and I love that we had a special little outfit for such a special day)

Tuesday, May 19, 2015

An Afternoon at Faneuil Hall

I fall more in love with the city of Boston every time we're there. Maybe its because some point in the next two years we'll move and it is fun to picture what our life could be like there, or maybe its because our first time in Boston together was just a few days before our wedding and it brings back the pre-wedding giddiness. Whatever it is though, it was so fun to spend our first time in the city as a family of three and walk around with little Linc. If he could, he'd remember how I told him about the fun day his dad and I had here, our last city outing as an engaged couple. He'd remember the story of kissing in the fountain and the debacle about the pasta. He'd remember hearing about the gelato in the North End and the promise that someday we'd take him to get some too.

here's the old post from YEARS ago about our trip to Boston before the wedding - my goodness we looked like babies! 

Here are just a few too many pictures from our time in Faneuil Hall (I've had to look that up every time I've tried to spell it in the past decade...). The weather was a bit chilly for May but we had fun anyway :)

^always fun to have some live music - and Lincoln loved watching/listening to the street performers 
^oh this guy <3
^it took a lot of self control not to pack these beauties in my suitcase when I came home #momsclosetwin
^jogging strollers are awesome (we don't actually have a regular stroller) - but the suspension on this was great for getting over the uneven surfaces throughout the city

^we didn't eat a wagamama this time...but if you ever get the chance, think of me and enjoy some delicious/fast asian food 
^we totally have this same picture from almost four years ago (if it had been warmer I would have pulled Linc out of the stroller to be in it too...but I spared him :) 
^I love how attentive this guy is to our baby sometimes ... most nights he asks if we can go in together and check on our "little guy" after Lincoln is asleep and it makes my heart melt a little :)

^ #dudesgottalent

^watching the street performers with dad

^more street performer watching (and I spy a baby wearing mama!)
^we warmed up inside Faneuil Hall (they have an awesome assortment of different ethnic foods + treats) and Ben tried his hand at this fun piano .... it wasn't exactly up to snuff :)

Have a wonderful Tuesday! 
on me:
Jacket: Prada (via my mom's closet)
denim: Lucky Brand
shoes; mom's closet (gotta love stealing your mother's clothes ;)  // similar here on sale
crossbody: Liz Claiborne
diaper bag: Petunia Pickle Bottom, c/o (love this bag)

on Ben:
jacket: Brookes Brothers (last season, this season's here)
polo: Banana Republic
denim: GAP
shoes: Sperry Top Sider


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