Week 1 With Adelaide

^right after we got home from the hospital 

One week ago yesterday I woke up with light contractions and six hours later I was snuggled up with a brand new baby. We've spent the last few days adjusting to life with a newborn, and trying to help a toddler navigate the new family dynamic. This past week has been so very different than our first week at home with Lincoln, but such is life with two. In most ways it has been so much better - everything seems happier and lighter than it did the first time around. Maybe it is because everything is less overwhelming and scary, or maybe it is just because I've learned to cut myself some slack. Either way, here are a few things I want to remember about our first week with Adelaide:

  • She loves to be upright and to be able to see everything. 
  • She, just like her brother as a newborn, has a special cry reserved for outfit and diaper changes. 
  • Lincoln loves to tickle his sister's toes (although he looks a bit confused on why she doesn't laugh like the rest of us do) and touch her hair. He's never been one to use a pacifier but he's always trying to steal hers ;) 
  • Adelaide has slept about everywhere. Last night she napped on the couch while we watched White Collar, right now she's in her bassinet, and earlier she was sleeping in the mamaroo. She also took naps in my arms, my baby wrap, and on my sister. One of these days I'll get it together enough to start a routine with her. 
  • The most content I've seen her is while getting a foot massage from grandma before she left.
  • Last night she fell asleep to my singing while I stroked her head (baby hair is so soft!). 
  • One of my favorite things this week has been watching how attentive Ben has been to Lincoln. Those two love each other so much. It has also been neat to see how far the two of us have come as parents since the last time we took care of a newborn (we're not so terrified of breaking the baby anymore and everything seems to come a bit more naturally this time around). 
  • God answers prayers. This week has been a wonderful reminder that if "ye ask ye shall receive." 
  • The first few nights Ben and I took the baby in shifts, never sleeping at the same time. For the last two nights though, we've gotten sleep in at least two and a half hour blocks and I feel like a whole new person. 
  • Lastly, it is kind of awesome to not be pregnant anymore.
And a few pictures from the week: 

^An afternoon with my two babies (one being much lower maintenance than the other during the day - it all switches at night though)

^Ben, Lincoln, and their babies - the day we came home from the hospital (my mom got this little doll so Lincoln has a baby to take care of while we do - his favorite is to feed his baby a bottle while Adelaide is being fed) 
^Mostly Lincoln just loved having his dad home for a few extra days 
^This picture is just to illustrate how wonderful it is to have an in-house chef (my mother) - although I can't remember if this is one of the meals we had before or after Adelaide arrived
^little squish (and I only have about 3 things that are newborn sized because she'll grow out of them in the next two almost everything is too big :) 
^We've had a few more faces like this than normal - but overall Lincoln is loving all the extra attention from family members and friends that have been helping out (Ben snapped this while Lincoln was whining about not getting another oreo cookie right away while we waited for milkshakes to be done)
^almost a smile, right? 
^I forgot how much I enjoy babywearing 
^the cutest 17 month old around (who has been subsisting off of milk and fruit pouches the last three days)


Shaking Up Ben's Birthday (and a milkshake recipe)

A big thank you to Kroger, Promised Land Milk, and Breyers Ice Cream for getting us to celebrate Ben's birthday a few days late this year, and for sponsoring this post. The love of milkshakes is all our own, promise ;) 

Well it's official, our sleepless summer has started and we've almost survived a whole week as a family of four (with quite a bit of help). Adelaide arrived on Ben's birthday so celebrations were a little bit different this year. He did get to pick the restaurant from which we ate takeout on the couch in my hospital room that night but other than that, the partying was put on hold (unless you could all the late night baby parties we've been having).

Over the weekend we made up for the lack of celebrations with homemade milkshakes on the back deck (and then again a few more times before Ben went back to work today). It was Lincoln's first sip of a shake and nothing quite says summer like milkshakes on a warm evening, right?

Leave me a comment below telling me how you shake up your summer nights and I'll be picking one to win a $25 Kroger gift card (so you can get everything you need for your own night of milkshakes) - what is your favorite way to spend a summer evening?

You can scroll down for the simple mint cookies and cream shake we've been making for years and years (and what we used this time to make it extra creamy) plus a whole lot more pictures. In the mean time, I'm going to go steal a few spoonfuls of ice cream and then try and get an hour of sleep while both children happen to be sleeping:


Look Who Showed Up :)

Adelaide Noele
8 pounds 5 ounces
Wednesday, June 22 (her dad's birthday)

We're home from the hospital and doing wonderfully. Thanks for all your sweet words on instagram and snapchat - little Elle and I are feeling quite loved right about now :) 


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