Friday, October 2, 2015

7 Tips For Surviving Hotel Life With a Baby

I'm thrilled our next vacation involves staying with family and not in a hotel, but after last month's excursion to Nashville, I've put together a few things I learned about hotel living with a baby. Plus, there are a few more pictures from Nashville I wanted to share :)

1. Surrender the bathroom. Just do it. Lincoln is used to sleeping in his own dark room and the first night in a hotel I tried having him in this little alcove with his sound machine and he woke up every two hours. EVERY TWO HOURS! For a baby that wakes up once (after a solid 9 hours of sleep) in a 12 hour stretch each night, it was a nightmare. The second night we opted to put the pack and play in the bathroom and he slept soundly.

This does mean there were a few "try to fit by the pack and play to go to the bathroom before we go to bed" scenarios, but mostly I just brushed my teeth down in the lobby. It was so worth it to have a sleeping baby. Or, you could pee in a diaper over a trashcan. I may or may not have a dear friend who opted for that over the walk to the lobby.

Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Confidence Over Competence

So it only took me 24 hours to mess up my goals from Monday's post, but I made up for my one morning nap with a long night working last night so I'm letting that balance out and staying on track. I also spent a good chunk of time in the car yesterday between a Target run (our nearest Target is too far away) and checkups so I made good progress in my newest audiobook all about confidence. The finding is that confidence is a better determination of success than competence. SAY WHAT? I'm not sure why that surprised me so much but as they went on to explain why women lack confidence so much of the time, even when they're just as competent, something hit home:

We, as women,  are often waiting to have something just right before we act. 

For me, it means I haven't shared a few blog posts I've been dreaming up for months because the pictures aren't exactly the way I want them. It means I haven't gone ahead and hung the gallery wall above my desk (when I've had the frames for months) because I can't determine the perfect layout. I'm not eager to go out on a limb and try something until I am completely prepared (overprepared?).

The Takeaway: Confidence stimulates action and in turn, acting decisively leads to more confidence.

I'm only a few chapters in and I'm already thinking so differently about the way I view myself, the way I plan on parenting, and the way I want to encourage Ben. I'm sure I'll have more to say on the matter later, but for now, you should think of something you've been holding off on and just do it. Conscientiously be more deliberate in your actions this week and see if you're feeling more confident by the end of it.

Have a wonderful Wednesday! 

outfit details: 
I love a good cable knit neutral sweater as a staple for the cooler months. It can be worn alone or layered over plaid tops and manages to be as cute as it is comfortable. Mine is actually a nursing sweater that I also wore when pregnant last winter but I love the relaxed fit and zippered detail and I've linked to a few other non-nursing options below. 

sweater: Seraphine, c/o
denim: GAP
riding boots: Michael Kors

Monday, September 28, 2015

Fall Color Palette + a little motivation

Cream + Tan + Maroon + Leopard

It was a small victory when I slipped into the final pair of pre-pregnancy pants two weeks ago (the pair of pants that wouldn't go up past my thighs when I tried them on 8 weeks post partum). That combined with the dip in temperatures has me so excited about fall fashion, cozy layers, and crisp autumn days. 

Also, totally off topic (although significantly more important than clothes), I've been listening to the audiobook The Happiness of Pursuit on our walks recently and its had me thinking about what it takes to be happy. Sometimes I find myself just wishing I could do what I want. Usually it involves little time out of bed, zero cooking, and even less cleaning (which has actually been the story of my last 10 days since surgery). The funny thing is, I am SO much happier when I get out of bed quickly, prepare healthy + delicious food, and spend my time in a relatively clean space. So the problem of giving up what I want in the moment, for what I know will actually make me happy. It reminds me of a favorite quote I shared with some friends last week:

Don't give up what you want most, for what you want now.
And so this week I'm committing to:

  1. Getting dressed before breakfast. 
  2. Not napping when Lincoln does. 
  3. Cooking dinner every night. 
They're not very lofty goals, but I find I'm the biggest hindrance to my own happiness these days. Also, there's a lot to get done before we head out on some fun trips next week and I've had enough time in bed the last 10 days to last me a month.

Happy Monday!

P.S. that audiobook is fine but I probably won't finish it and am not apt to recommend it. 

shirt: Lucky Brand (old)
pants: Vince (these camel skinnies are a favorite of mine for fall - they're from a few seasons ago but I found these similar ones for under $50) 
maroon hat: similar 
necklace: Hey June Shop, c/o  (it's Lincoln's birthstone... and January was the first month Ben and I kissed ;) 
watch: Daniel Wellington, c/o


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