I can't stop... // Saks Fifth Avenue

This week I can't stop... 
  • watching this vine....and when I'm not watching it, I'm singing it to myself. 
  • craving sour candies or lemon desserts (I didn't love either before I was pregnant)
  • searching pinterest for nursery ideas (or craigslist for places to move to before baby)
  • dreaming about fall in New England...I'm hoping for a road trip when the temperatures drop and the leaves begin to change but even just cooler temperatures like last week would do to hold me over :) 
  • checking the temperature in our apartment - it always feels so HOT! (when its 70 degrees in here)
  • smiling when I look at this picture 

I've also got another set of shots from our fun collaboration with Saks earlier this summer. At this point I was about 7 weeks pregnant (and maybe not looking it, but definitely feeling it) - I caved and told the people on the shoot and its the reason behind the smiles in these pictures :) For more looks from this shoot, follow @sakscincinnati on instagram! 

^Do shoes get more perfect than this? 

^I loved this silky floral blouse and used accessories to bring out the yellows and pinks for a fun combination
^my favorite item of clothing on any man is a long sleeved white polo ... but it was summer so we settled for short sleeved :)

On me:

High rise skinnies: J Brand
Eyelet moto jacket: Rebecca Taylor (on huge sale!)
Blouse: Joie (sold out)
Bag: Ferragamo (love this color for fall)
Pumps: Prada (yellow is sold out but this color would be amazing all year round)

Ben's polo: Burberry Brit 

24 Hours In New York

Another weekend has already come and gone? We've already been up in Findlay over a month? I'm fourteen weeks into this pregnancy? Time is flying.

We made a quick trip this weekend to upstate NY to meet up with my family (for a whole 24 hours), hug an old roommate/best friend/soul mate I haven't seen in two years, and take Ben to my favorite thing on earth: the Hill Cumorah Pageant.

(lots more pictures + stories after the jump) 

Random Notes + A Sparkling Sanity-Saver

*Thanks to Dasani for sponsoring this post! All opinions, pregnancy ramblings, and exclamation points are my own. 

A few more Happy weekend guys! Ben and I are off to my favorite place on earth (just a six hour drive from here) for a short little trip but I have a few more ramblings for you guys and just one picture of me wearing a shirt with the cutest collar you ever did see because, well, self-timer didn't work out too well and Ben got home at 8:30 starving and we compromised.

  • I cry a lot. Today I cried watching a clip of a Ninja Warrior someone shared on facebook and then again reading a birth story on a blog. Last week I cried during Harry Potter when Mrs Weasley finally kills Bellatrix. Anything about parents, babies, or powerful women gets me, apparently. 
  • My self control at the grocery store has plummeted. I used to be able to say no to silly things we didn't really need. Now? I spend so much of my day needing to eat so I don't get sick (and really struggling to find something that sounds good) so when anything remotely appetizing (and easy) is next to me on an aisle, into the cart it goes. Today I came home with four different types of sparkling beverages, four! 
  • I think I'm ready for a real baby bump. I'm ready to look as pregnant as I feel and not get questioning looks when I refer to myself as pregnant to strangers. No, in fact I didn't overeat last night (wait, I probably did) - I'm just growing a tiny human. 
  • I had a wonderfully long conversation with this new mama today who almost had me convinced I should scrap this whole natural birth thing and go for the epidural. A few more conversations with her and my birth plan will be toast. 
  • You know your husband is your soul mate when you text him three options for dinner (one that you really want but aren't sure he'll want, one that you'll hopefully still find appetizing come dinner, and one more for good measure), and he picks the first one. That chipotle mac n' cheese tasted just as good for lunch as it did for dinner. 
  • I accidentally bought organic amish chicken at the grocery store today. We'll see if its worth twice the price. 
  • I have fallen in love with Benjamin all over again throughout this pregnancy. I am truly amazed at how willing he is to serve and to sacrifice. I just reread this old post on marriage and am feeling quite lucky. 
  • Guess what I found (stowed away in a purse I haven't used in a month or two?)...just in time for our weekend trip? OUR EZ PASS! It was still lost on our last trip to Chicago, and if Ben and I cursed, we would have cursed me at every single toll booth we had to stop at. 
  • Earlier this week I shared about raspberry lemonade being a lifesaver - well I've discovered something else: Dasani Sparkling Water. My blood pressure has been low from not drinking enough water this pregnancy but I've really been struggling getting in my eight glasses (its a balance of when to drink it, when not to drink it, and how to manage to keep the rest of my food down). When a few cans of Dasani's new sparkling water showed up last week I was skeptical (I love their flavored waters but don't love carbonation). Guys, carbonation SAVES me. I drink one first thing when I wake up in the morning, and another one throughout the afternoon. The beverage is SUPER carbonated but only very lightly flavored which is perfect. It settles my stomach and I have a feeling after pregnancy its going to be a great way to keep up my water intake (although I might have to have it shipped out here to the middle of nowhere...)
**I was one sad camper when my grocery store in Findlay didn't carry them and even more disappointed when none of the alternatives I bought measured up. 

Along with the release of these new life-saving (or sanity-saving in my case) sparkling beverages, Dasani is giving away a free vacation! All you have to do is upload a picture of what makes you sparkle to twitter or instagram with the hashtag #SparkleWithDASANI (you'll want to follow/like @dasaniwater so they can contact you if you win). The Grand Prize is a Sparkling Getaway to the Westin Diplomat in Ft. Lauderdale which includes airfare, hotel, and spa treatments for 4. Now I just have to decide which two other people can come with us when they tell me in early August that I've won :P

shirt: c/o Oasap (its quite sheer so I'm wearing it with this tee underneath)
pants: J. Crew
belt: Banana Republic


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