Sister Love

This morning, after an early feed, I snuck over to my sisters' side of the house (they've stashed me away so that no one but me can hear the baby cry at night :) to find my youngest sister soundly sleeping through her alarm. It was enough cause for an impromptu dance party in my old bedroom...and said sister slept through the whole thing. It is funny to think the last time I lived in that room was the summer before my sophomore year of college, the summer before I met Ben. To be home with a baby, my baby, is a bit bizarre. And I love it.

One of my favorite parts about being home in New Hampshire this week has been watching my sisters be aunts. They love little Lincoln so much and while one may be a little more apt to change diapers than the other, both of them are so great with him. I feel so lucky to have such a wonderful and loving family. It is helpful to remember, on days when things aren't quite going they way I'd envisioned, that Lincoln is so loved. I may no have read to him as much as I'd liked or worked on hand-eye coordination, but I love him, and I think that he knows it. And some days that is enough.

^my younger sister is a senior this year and came to visit last week in Ohio when we snapped these pictures (and yes, this week I'm in NH...their trip just wasn't long enough for me :) 
^sisters make the best of friends :) 

jacket: Chicwish, c/o
shirt: Sheinside, c/o (sold out)
denim: American Eagle
boots: Same Eddleman via Zappos, c/o
scarf: Sheinside, c/o
hair via this tutorial

Winter Pastels + some thoughts on love

As I laid in bed listening to the sounds of a sleeping baby last night/this morning (we have a loud sleeper on our hands..plenty of "blah blah blah"s in his sleep at this point), I found myself thinking quite a bit about love in this thing called marriage. I've been doing it for a few years now and my goodness I've learned a lot.

In any relationship, both people have needs. Ben and I could spend all our time meeting our own needs and we would both be taken care of. But, how much more wonderful would it be if we both spent our time meeting each others needs? Either way, all our needs are met, but in the second scenario, we've spent our time serving each other and I've learned you really love the people you serve (and it is easy to love people who serve you).

Its a hard thing to do...and it takes quite a bit of trust. Some days it means I don't get to do what I want to do and others it means Ben skips a trip to the gym, but overall, we're kinder when we spend our time doing things for each other. And kindness, for me, in marriage is huge. We're happier when we're kinder, we're more productive when we're kinder, all things are better when we're just a little kinder.

Late at night, a thousand miles away from my husband, I was feeling particularly grateful for the kindness in our marriage, for the service, and that it just all keeps getting better as the years go on.


In other news, coats are the only thing to get excited about in this frigid weather and this pastel one is a new favorite. I love the zipper detailing and the ice blue color. I hope its warmer wherever you are!

blouse, c/o (on sale)
coat, c/o (sold out but similar here)
pants: GAP (from years and years ago)
boots, c/o (available in black and brown)

Out and About + A Gratitude List

Getting out of the house these past few weeks has been a treat in and of itself. The combo of a new baby and freezing temperatures, does not for frequent outings make. We've ventured out a few times -- this weekend we even got crazy and took Linc on his first Target & Chick-fil-a run. With the nearest ones being 45 minutes away, we always hit both and its always a big deal (clearly its a big deal for Linc too - he slept through the whole thing).

In addition to getting out of the house, here are just a few things I'm feeling incredibly grateful for this week:

  • Benjamin: Not only does he work so hard all day long, but he comes home, takes care of me, and then helps take care of Linc in the middle of the night. On Saturday he made breakfast, insisted I get out of the house for some "me time," cleaned, and came home later with flowers. Of all the things though, mostly I'm just grateful for the naps I get to take on weekends and the pictures I snap of him playing with Lincoln.
  • Family within driving distance: After two weeks on our own, I'm ready for more visitors and can't wait for my family to get here! It isn't the fastest drive, but I am grateful for a mother who has been willing to make it monthly for the past little bit (she'll have clocked over 72 hours driving to visit me this year when this trip is done). 
  • Friends who bring me lunch: As much as I love getting out, sometimes it doesn't happen, so I love people who give me the excuse to put on something other than pajamas and bring me something I don't have to cook. Days with visitors are always better than those without.
  • Clothes: Specifically, the couple items I can add back into my rotation each week. Slowly (and hopefully surely), I'm starting to fit into a few pre-pregnancy pieces. It is a wonder the power getting up and getting dressed can have. 
  • Music: When I'm home alone all day with a little baby, having something playing in the background has been a game changer. Also, Linc is going to know all the words to T.Swift before he can talk. 

And a few pictures from an outing downtown a few weeks ago:

jacket: Sheinside, c/o (similar below)
denim: American Eagle
boots: Michael Kors
bag: Kate Spade
baby wrap: Husband & Co, c/o


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