Thursday, April 17, 2014

6 Apps to Download Right Now

best 6 iPhone apps

The two things that come everywhere with me are my iPhone and my Vera Bradley wristlet (usually the former is inside the latter). I broke up with my iPhone for a few months last year to review another service plan (loved the service, couldn't get used to the phones), but after getting my phone fixed back in January thanks to these guys, I think we're back together for the long haul. Today I'm sharing a few of my favorite apps (other than google maps and instagram) that maybe you haven't heard of:

Afterlight: This all inclusive camera and editing app it completely worth the 99 cents. It does everything other than add text to your photos (which I'm not a huge fan of anyway). I use this for every picture I post to instagram, and occasionally I've edited DSLR picture on it and then used them on my blog. My favorite features include:
  • The filters: It has many more filters than instragram but my favorite part is you can change the intensity of the filter (great way to enhance your pictures without making them look too edited). 
  • The light leaks: These let you add effects (which you can also change the intensity of) which mimic light leaks you would get from using an old school camera. They do wonders to amp up what might be an otherwise dull picture. 
  • The borders/cropping: Every wonder how to take a none square picture and add the white borders for instagram (like this)? This App does that and has a million other shapes you can use to crop your images. You can also do fun things with the borders like this and this
Camera +: I dont' take a lot of pictures with my iPhone (I'll tell you why below) but when I do, but when I do I like to use the Camera+ app. The quality of the pictures is higher than using the default iPhone camera ($1.99). 

2048: Have you plaid this addicting game yet? I actually just downloaded the free app last night but I was introduced to the online game a few weeks ago. Sometimes I need a way to kill time without using data (meaning no instagram) and this is perfect. I also figured out a strategy which is the only way I've won a handful of times. If you get stuck, I'll share :) 

Tweetdeck: Do you use twitter on your phone? I mainly use tweetdeck as my twitter interface on my computer but if I'm tweeting from my phone its from this app as well. It allows you to arrange the people you follow (or even ones you don't) into lists and then has separate columns for tweets from people on those lists. You can also add columns to follow specific hashtags which make it easy to participate in twitter chats or get updates on an event. If you don't download the app, please at least use it on your computer. It was a game changer for me. 

Geography: This little app (called just 'Geography' with white world map on the green icon) is handy for using your spare moments to brush up on your geography skills. I've been using it/similar apps since an International Relations course my junior year required us to know the location and name of every country before each midterm. 

Wireless Mobile Utility: When I found out a few months ago that my Nikon DSLR came with a little wireless plug in that I could use to send my images to my iPhone or iPad, I was a little embarrassed I hadn't figured it out earlier. I love that my goal of using my DSLR everyday can easily be a part of sharing my daily life on social media (without any of the long in-between steps of using my computer). My favorite features include:
  • Using my phone as a remote: I can use my phone to change the focus on the camera and take a picture (this is an example of a selfie I took with it). 
  • Upload to phone or iPad: What I really love about this is I can share high quality DSLR pictures in real time. For example, this shot was taken, edited, and uploaded on our car trip using my DSLR, the WMU app, and then Afterlight. 
  • Here's a more in-depth explanation and info on the Canon version

So what are your favorite apps? 
What can't you live without? 

P.S. Like I mentioned at the beginning, this wonderful company fixed my iPhone for me over Christmas break. They were incredibly fast (I mailed my phone out and had it back, with a brand new screen, in less than a week). I'd recommend IheartRepair to anyone needing to get an iPhone or iPad fixed. They offer return shipping and a two year warranty on all their work. You can check out their website here

(my phone was fixed for free in exchange for an honest review of their service - and honestly, I was incredibly impressed). 

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Blossoming Mint

^ my first attempt at the headband braid…always happy to find another hairstyle that takes less than 2 minutes and requires no heat

^^how darling is the detail on the back of this blouse? 

^these two gold bracelets have been on repeat since they arrived last week (I really love the thin gold chain)

Good morning! You know its going to be a good day when its 7:30 and I've already been up for two hours (but honestly, I really dislike waking up early, but when its 7:30 and I've exercised, stretched, and eaten I feel like I can take on the world). Today's post is my final Easter inspired collaboration with Lulu's and I am loving this blouse/heel combo. This one would be ideal for a more casual Easter event (maybe a friend's get-together or Easter weekend outing?).

In other exciting news, Ben and I booked our tickets to Utah yesterday! With his last month and a half off before starting work again, Ben wanted to get in one last climbing trip. I am sure going to miss getting to spend everyday with thit guy when we have to go back to being grown ups this summer :P

Have a wonderful Wednesday! 
(and thanks for stopping by :)
top: ℅ Lulu's 
pants: ℅ Aeropostale
heels:  ℅ Madden Girl via Lulu's (sold out but these are almost identical)
bracelets: ℅ Jewelshop (here and here) and ℅  iSanctuary

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Peaches and Cream

One of my favorite holidays is just around the corner! Growing up, Easter meant sugar cereal, warm feelings at church, new Sunday outfits, a family picture, and yummy dinners. Its unfortunate the Easter bunny doesn't come on his own when you move out of your parents house, but I'm grateful for this occasion to reflect on the life of our Savior and celebrate new beginnings. The soft peaches and delicate whites in both of these outfits were selected with Easter in mind and I love the lace in the sleeves of this collarless white blouse.  It works just as well dressed it down with jeans as it does paired with this pastel midi.

Easter Preparations:
  • Dye easter eggs via this tutorial (I'll let you know how it goes on instagram)
  • Purchase another bag of starburst jelly beans (and make Ben eat all the green and yellow ones)
  • Finish St Matthew (it was supposed to be all the gospels by Easter..whoops)
  • Plan the menu for Easter brunch (and wonder why we didn't stay in NH for another week so I could attend my mother's)
  • Fill an Easter basket for Ben
What are you doing for Easter?
Have you ever tried dying easter eggs like that before? 
on me:
shirt: ℅ Chicwish
skirt: ℅ Chicwish
shoes:  ℅ Persunmall (these pumps are on my wish list)

on Nicoletta:
shirt: ℅ SammyDress (last seen here)
skirt: Banana Republic (dreaming about this white beauty for Easter)
flats: ℅ Lulu's (lots more sizes available in the coral version)

P.S. This trip home was the first time I'd seen Nicoletta since her big accident. Happy to report she's off crutches, back to light exercising, and doing great.


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