Two is Easier Than One

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There is a distinct art to leaving the house with a high child to parent ratio. And it is something I am very much still learning. But the amazing thing to me right now is how comparatively having easy two children is. People ask all the time how it is being the mom of two and honestly, it feels easier than being the mom of one.

Maybe it is because the first few months as a mom of one were so difficult for me.


Dressing Like Fall When it Feels Like Summer

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Did any of you wake up to crisp fall weather this morning? Only me? Well, it is glorious.

But, the weather is supposed to be back up to tee shirts in the next few days so I won't be breaking out all the cable knits quite yet. Instead, I've been switching out my spring/summer makeup with a few fun fall hues that I can rock even if it's still melting outside.

I stopped in Sally Beauty for the first time (how did I NOT KNOW you didn't need a cosmetologist license to shop there? I thought all low prices were because you needed to be a professional or a distributor - nope!) and had way too much fun picking out things from their New Neutral color story. Here are a few easy ways to add fall to your look when the weather isn't cooperating:

1. Go for a dark, bold lip. Lose the corals and bubblegum pinks this season and stock up on the wine and berry tones. Bonus: Look for something with blue undertones (red-violets) and it'll make your teeth look whiter! I picked up Palladio Pop Shine Lip Balm in Get Real and love how hydrating it is.

2. Add some layers, to your nails that is.
Go for dark neutrals in olives, greys, and taupes in your polish choice for a color that goes with everything but pleads to be worn with chunky knits while sipping hot chocolate. I grabbed China Glaze in Recycle for under $10 at Sally Beauty (and it was buy one get one free!) from their recommended fall tones and have been loving it.

3. Contour with color. Add in some fall tones to your crease with an eye shadow palette for the season. Dip your toes in with golds and olives or go bolder with navy and deep purples. Palladio Silk Eyeshadow Palette in Rendez-Vous makes getting the look easy because they show you which color to apply to your lids, your crease, and beneath your brow as a highlighter.

How are you adding in a bit of fall when the weather still thinks it's summer? 


Two Ways to Wear a Jumpsuit + Post partum style talk.

jumpsuit: Loyal Hana, c/o  // denim jacket // polka dot sneakers: Kate Spade x Keds (on huge sale right now!)  // crossbody: Kate Spade via thredUP

Here's another installment of my post partum dressing series where I'm documenting getting dressed after baby. I know, I know, it's been three months since Adelaide was born but this was shot a few weeks ago and I still feel like I'm navigating this after-baby-body.

I have been wanting to try the jumpsuit trend for months and months now. It wasn't something I was thrilled about with a growing bump but the idea of only needing one piece of clothing for a full outfit? It's like all the perks of a dress and all the benefits of pants, while still being versatile enough to wear a ton of different ways. Running errands? Date night? Bridal shower? Holiday party? Interview? All of the above.

I want to write more about this later, but I've been thinking about the words we used to describe ourselves lately. I was teaching some of the teenage girls at church last week about language and explained I was pretty sure they wouldn't go up to a girl at school and say "That shirt makes you look fat." or "You did HORRIBLY on that paper." or "Your hair looks pretty bad today." Similarly, we aren't running into another mom at the grocery store and saying "Your skin looks terrible this morning," or "Your kids are acting out so you must be a bad mom." But, how often do we catch a glimpse of ourselves in the mirror, or put on something to wear in the morning, or read a negative comment on social media and think something just as bad about ourselves?

The words we use matter. We all know that when it comes to talking about others, but I've noticed (and read studies) that it also REALLY matters when we're talking about ourselves. So here's to being more intentional about how we think about ourselves, and being gentle and positive and kind.

Rant over. Love you guys. 
Happy Wednesday! 

Post Partum Tip: I had friends that swear by wraps after babies and with Lincoln I didn't use one at all. This time around though, I got a belly support band for my last month of pregnancy loved it so much I decided to order a similar one for post partum support as well. IT IS AWESOME. I think they do a great job engaging your core and helping your organs go back where they belong ;) The wrap also does a great job sucking in the baby pooch (and I think it's helped with bringing my abdonimals a bit closer together :/) and while I certainly didn't wear it everyday, when I slipped into this jumpsuit I also put on the wrap. After reading a lot of reviews online I went with this cheaper option and was super pleased with it (not having tried the pricier ones, I can't tell you if they're that much better, but this one worked great).

P.S. My friends over at Loyal Hana sent over this jumpsuit and my favorite post partum top you've seen like 89302 times on instagram this month. All of their clothes is nursing friendly and really flattering for post partum bodies (I'm embracing the latter because the nursing ship sailed months ago over here).


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