Summer Dinner // Date Night Edition

When one of your favorite restaurants asks you to review their seasonal menu - you do a little happy dance. Thanks P.F. Chang's for sponsoring this post! 

I'd banished this whole morning sickness thing (because after over a month of practice I should be able to do that) for almost a week and I was embracing this second trimester business with open arms -- until seven am yesterday rolls around and my regular morning cereal .... well, yeah.

And so it was back to sipping ginger ale all day (out of a champagne flute no less) and hoping it was a random fluke because nothing was going to get me to cancel date night. You can't cancel on P.F. Chang's, you just can't.

Nine hours later Ben came home and I was ready (I didn't shower but I did put on something other than sweat pants so thats an accomplishment) and determined....

(lots more pictures, delicious food, and a twist on that lace jacket after the jump)

I can't stop... // Saks Fifth Avenue

This week I can't stop... 
  • watching this vine....and when I'm not watching it, I'm singing it to myself. 
  • craving sour candies or lemon desserts (I didn't love either before I was pregnant)
  • searching pinterest for nursery ideas (or craigslist for places to move to before baby)
  • dreaming about fall in New England...I'm hoping for a road trip when the temperatures drop and the leaves begin to change but even just cooler temperatures like last week would do to hold me over :) 
  • checking the temperature in our apartment - it always feels so HOT! (when its 70 degrees in here)
  • smiling when I look at this picture 

I've also got another set of shots from our fun collaboration with Saks earlier this summer. At this point I was about 7 weeks pregnant (and maybe not looking it, but definitely feeling it) - I caved and told the people on the shoot and its the reason behind the smiles in these pictures :) For more looks from this shoot, follow @sakscincinnati on instagram! 

^Do shoes get more perfect than this? 

^I loved this silky floral blouse and used accessories to bring out the yellows and pinks for a fun combination
^my favorite item of clothing on any man is a long sleeved white polo ... but it was summer so we settled for short sleeved :)

On me:

High rise skinnies: J Brand
Eyelet moto jacket: Rebecca Taylor (on huge sale!)
Blouse: Joie (sold out)
Bag: Ferragamo (love this color for fall)
Pumps: Prada (yellow is sold out but this color would be amazing all year round)

Ben's polo: Burberry Brit 

24 Hours In New York

Another weekend has already come and gone? We've already been up in Findlay over a month? I'm fourteen weeks into this pregnancy? Time is flying.

We made a quick trip this weekend to upstate NY to meet up with my family (for a whole 24 hours), hug an old roommate/best friend/soul mate I haven't seen in two years, and take Ben to my favorite thing on earth: the Hill Cumorah Pageant.

(lots more pictures + stories after the jump) 


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