Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Backyard Date Night

Long weekends are the things dreams are made of.
At least my dreams after yesterday 

It was magical having Ben home for three days straight (and with visitors last weekend and me being in New Hampshire for three weeks before that, it was the first weekend we've had as just the three of us in a while). We didn't check everything off our lengthy to-do list but there were lots of baby giggles, plenty of snuggling, and naps for all three of us.

On Sunday we celebrated Mother's Day (because we were apart two weeks ago) and I woke up to a very handsome waiter in a coat and tie ready to take my breakfast order. He even had a cute little menu printed out detailing all my options for main dishes and sides. Wanna know the best gift though? If only you could hear the giggles coming through this picture I shared on instagram, you'd get the heart melting that happened Sunday.

Monday baby boy saved his giggles for me, and after a memorial day picnic, some attempted outdoor water fun, and a few other things, we put the baby to bed and had a little date night just the two of us (yay for babies who go to bed at 6:30!). We rented Pitch Perfect from Amazon (we can't wait to see Pitch Perfect 2!) and I'd forgotten that Fat Amy is possibly the funniest character this decade. I hope she's as hysterical in the second one... and that she adds another "non-exercise" to my routine (horizontal running anyone??). I saw this collaboration video online and it has me excited to be singing accapella around the house all day (poor little Linc).

^p.s. did you know the camera on the back of your phone is a lot better than the one on the front? I've started taking pictures with it instead because the ones inside of me and linc with the forward facing camera just weren't cutting it

^bokeh sunsets 

^can you spot the blurry popcorn hoarder?

and because Ben's awesome:

P.S. Instead of paying the $8 for a ticket, I spent $12  on Schick products (Schick is the sponsor of Pitch Perfect 2) and got a voucher for a free movie ticket to Pitch Perfect 2 (buy any two Schick women's shaving products for a total value of at least $10 and you'll get a voucher for your free ticket too). You can learn more about their sponsorship here, if you're interested.

This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of Schick® . The opinions and text are all mine.

Sunday, May 24, 2015

Lincoln Goes to Prom

I kid. Lincoln did not actually attend prom as a four month old.

But.... we couldn't resist the chance to dress him up to take pictures with my oldest sister before her senior prom while we were in New Hampshire.

Its hard to believe that six years ago I was getting pictures taken before my senior prom in this same yard. And to think about what has changed since those pictures were taken. My goodness.

also, if you have any desire to see what high school elisabeth looked like at prom, here's the facebook album from 2009... I could almost zip up that red dress last month when I tried it on...but Maddie put it best when she said "well, I could probably get this to zip, but what's the point?"  #egochecked

I feel so lucky that we are close enough to home (a short flight or a 13 hour's a lot better than when we lived in Utah) to be a part of all these events. It was also fun to play photographer for the evening! Here are quite a few more pictures of babies in ties and girls in gowns: 

^the littlest Earnshaw sister + the favorite nephew

^she's a beauty

^a few nights after this we had another event at our home when one of the adults asked me how I was enjoying Bedford high school. It is always fun clarifying I'm the oldest daughter who is in fact done with college, married, and has birthed a child... the reactions are great ;) 
^these two are like an old married couple - and being home makes me determined to have children until I have at least two girls... #sistersareeverything #wellseehowthatgoes
^we took group shots before the other third of the people showed up so the colors didn't work out this nicely for long... 

^we had our receiving line for our wedding reception on this patio... four years later.. 
^possibly my favorite shot of the night

^my dad had just gotten back from running a ragnar (living in a bus for 24 hours with 12 other runners and running the equivalent of a half marathon) -- on one side of the yard we had all the seniors in prom dresses and tuxedos....and on the other were all the sweaty runners
^my favorite people in the universe

^maddie took a picture of her and her date + linc...and it looked a little bit weird (no, the high school prom dates do not have a baby..) 
^of course, the nails...
^both grandmas (one lives with my parents in an accessory apartment off the house and the other was in town visiting from Texas....grandpa was busy taking lots of pictures too #nikonfamily) 
^Love ya, Maddie!

p.s. you can find Linc's cute little outfit here (and its 30% off)

and my pants are sold out but they have a very similar print still available on sale here (and I live in these - they're awesome)

Thursday, May 21, 2015

Boston By the Water

I'm back with a few more pictures from our afternoon in Boston (I shared the first half earlier this week here). I don't have much else for you today - except maybe one thought on gratitude. I was reading through old notes this morning and came across something that struck a cord (I'm not entirely sure why, because at the moment I do feel like I have so many things to be grateful for). It went something like this:

You might ask, "What do I have to be grateful for when my life is falling apart?" Well, our gratitude shouldn't be proportional to the number of blessings we can count. Being grateful isn't what we do after our problems are solved - that is so short sided. How much on life do we miss out on if we are waiting for the rainbow to thank God there is rain?Gratitude should be an attitude, and when we cultivate it, we will find ourselves happier in any and every circumstance. 

^"really mom, I had to get out of my stroller for pictures, AGAIN?"

^sticking out his tongue already (for a few weeks this was his response every time I would go to kiss him #usingtonguealready)

^looking where I'm pointing is something Linc has just started picking up on (and clearly did not get at the time of this picture a few weeks ago...) 
^I kinda love that we have matching watches :) 
^Men that push strollers are my kinda thing (and by men, I mean Ben).

^I can't wait for the day we live close to the ocean again.

Boston, we love you. 

I also love when Lincoln takes naps. We won't count how many times this post has been interrupted this afternoon by a baby refusing to do what his mama knows is best ;) Its a good thing he's cute. 


on me:
Jacket: Prada (via my mom's closet)
denim: Lucky Brand
shoes; mom's closet (gotta love stealing your mother's clothes ;)  // similar here on sale
sunglasses: J.Crew Factory (on sale for $13)

on Ben:
jacket: Brookes Brothers (last season, this season's here)
polo: Banana Republic
denim: GAP
shoes: Sperry Top Sider
watch: Daniel Wellington

Lincoln's sweater (on huge sale)


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