Adelaide's Blessing Day

Yesterday Ben held our little girl and gave her a name and a blessing (and he stuck to the name we came up with in the hospital and put on her legal records, thank goodness ;).


Easy Summer Hair: Loose Beach Waves

I'm dropping in with a quick hair tutorial for you tonight that is perfect for easy summer days. Beachy waves give a laid back and effortless vibe even if you are miles from the coast (or hundreds of miles in my case). Plus, what I love most about this style is that it works best one dirty hair, and with a bit of dry shampoo it can last a few days (#lazy).

The keys to this style are the alternating direction of the curls, a non-shiny hairspray, and a good combing through with your fingers when you're done. And, if you're up for trying the half-bun style that I've been seeing everywhere, this is the perfect base to do it with (plenty of volume for your top knot and just a bit of curl on the bottom).

Let me know what you think! 
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Raising Elle

I always thought I wanted to be the mom of girls. And then I had Lincoln, and I was certain happiness was a gaggle of boys. Now sweet Adelaide is here, and I'm a bit intimidated by the thought of raising a strong, confident, humble, gracious, empowered, kind woman. It is a good thing they start out so little, in need of only love and milk, so I have time to figure out the rest.

It might just be the post partum hormones (and I thought pregnancy hormones were real!), but I was tearing up while watching this Always #LikeAGirl - Keep Playing video on youtube with Ben and thinking of our little Elle. Growing up, I never felt like I couldn't do something, couldn't be good at something, because I was a girl (other than maybe football and wrestling...but I think that had less to do with being a girl and more with being me). I'm not sure how my parents taught me that, but I hope I can pass it on. I hope Adelaide knows that she can do anything she sets her mind to, and that whatever it is, she will always be loved and cherished. I hope she always knows she can keep playing, keep trying, keep changing. She'll do everything #likeagirl, because she is one, but I hope she knows what a special, wonderful thing that is.

And a few more pictures of me and little Elle at almost 4 weeks old! 


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