Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Long Drives for Short Weekends

We spent another fun weekend in Cincinnati and as we were driving home late Sunday night I was feeling proud + incredibly happy we've kept up friendships since moving away over a year ago. Sometimes when packing for two days takes a full days work (between the care + feeding of Lincoln), it seems a bit too exhausting, but good friends are worth it. And so are weekends of sunshine and water.

We drove in Friday night just in time for snuggling with my favorite two year old before games with his parents. I still remember when that boy was "my baby" like it was yesterday. Lincoln better not grow up that fast. After a sweaty barre class the next morning, we packed up the cars and spent a few hours at the country club playing in the kiddie pool. Lincoln loved the water almost as much as he loved watching all the kids play in it.

A few more pictures:

^this little guy is getting awfully good at grabbing (and its a great reminder I really need to get a new contact prescription so he doesn't have glasses to grab at

^the cutest pregnant lady there ever was (who still kicks my butt at barre whenever we work out) 
^the amount of stuff it requires to take Linc swimming for a few hours is more than I've taken on weekend trips.

^Ben spotted having fun on the diving board - I'm pretty sure Lincoln is doomed to be a daredevil just like his father

Lincoln's suit + hat are from Target (some sizes available in store). 
My suit + shorts are also from Target but they're 8 years old... (similar suit here
Diaper bag here and floral slip ons here
I hope you're having a wonderful week! 

Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Nursery Art DIY with Sprout

Lincoln's nursery has been a work in progress forever. Six months later though, the last furniture pieces have been ordered, the frames have been hung, and the changing table has been painted. All I have to do now is find the letters for above his crib and figure out how I'm going to fill the frames that make up the little gallery wall

I have a couple ideas for meaningful pieces (we have a large commissioned watercolor on the opposite wall so I'm really looking for the gallery wall to be more personal + DIY) and I just got the first one finished and hung! I've had lots of fun using HP's new Sprout for a few months now and it was perfect for this fun little project.

We got so many cute cards leading up to Lincoln's arrival and I love the idea of finding a way to show them off as a reminder of how loved this baby boy is. But, I wanted to keep the nautical theme along with the navy + red color scheme and all the pastels of the cards weren't cutting it. So, I used Sprout to scan in the various cards we got and then arranged them in the workspace (the computer comes with an overhead scanner/ camera + has a touch mat work surface). Then, I simply added an anchor overlay I found as a piece of clipart online. I paid $2.50 to get the photo developed and voila! I love that I can still keep the original cards intact (weird that I hoard almost every letter I've ever received?) while enjoying them in a fun piece of art.

I'm thinking of doing a similar thing with some of our wedding cards - they're so gorgeous and just sitting in a box in a closet because I can't bring myself to get rid of them. 

1 down, 5 more frames to go.

This post was created in partnership with HP. 

Monday, July 27, 2015

Being his mom: the good + the less than fun

So we've been doing this mom + baby thing (out of utero) for over six months now. We're on the tail end of a big developmental leap which means the past week has been ROUGH over here. It's like someone stole my mild tempered baby and replaced him with a child who never wants to sleep, or be put down, or be looked at the wrong way. So the to-do lists last week went out the window and we just slowed down a bit. There was a lot of snuggling, plenty of walks, and between the wanting-to-pull-my-hair-out, there was a good dose of remembering that I truly love being this boy's mama.

I need to remember that right now (always?), this is my primary job. The cleaning can wait. The emails can pile up. The meals can be ordered. But no one else is going to be his mom, and no one else is ever going to love him as much as I do. I also bet no one else is ever going to find as much joy in his little smile or his contagious giggle. No one will quite crave holding him while he dozes like I do and no one will glean the same satisfaction from soothing his cries.

While I'm at it, no one else will change more of his dirty diapers, or spend more midnight hours feeding him. No other woman will lose as much hair or sleep over him (I hope). No one will ever spend as much time dressed in his spit up or soaked in his drool.

This hump was a great reminder to slow down and appreciate all of it because while I love a well-checked to-do list and a beautifully clean home, my real formula for happiness is his smile, his fingers wrapped around mine, or his sleepy head resting on my shoulder.

It's also a good night's sleep so I signed up for this consultation and have my fingers crossed for results.

Thanks, little one, for being the most darling of babies we could have imagined. Thanks for lighting up my day with your wide eyes. And thanks for not crying the whole two and a half hour drive back from Cincinnati yesterday. You're the best, we love you so, and my headache really appreciated it. 

^I told him he was stuck with me forever ;)


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