Brunching with Babes

Our last date as a family of three early in the summer was to our favorite little downtown cafe one Saturday morning. Lincoln and I split a chocolate chip muffin and ate it so quickly we got a second before Ben had even finished his sandwich. This time around we ordered three from the get-go for a little mid-week brunch date because Ben was off work.

Sitting outside, watching the cars drive by, Lincoln just chatted away. He's so expressive right now and all day we have an ongoing conversation. My end mostly consists of "oh really?"s and "tell me more"s while his is a string of sentences that sound either French or Arabic depending on the day. I can't wait for a few months from now when I can really understand the excitement he shares with me constantly, or years from now when we can grab a muffin at a little cafe and talk about his favorite classes or books or adventures. He is looking so grown up to me these days, especially in this darling little outfit, that I can't help but wonder about the boy he's growing into.

A few more pictures from our morning:


Morning Snuggles

It's happened! My baby smiles! My baby smiles!

So newborns are wonderful - they're tiny and cuddly and they sleep a lot. They also aren't very expressive and communicate everything by crying. So, while I've loved this baby girl from the start, it is very nice to be greeted by her tiny grin each morning after waking up to her starving cries (which I don't hold against her, because when a two month old goes TEN hours at night without eating, they have a right to be hungry).

It is also worth noting that even better than Adelaide smiling at me in the morning is Adelaide smiling at Lincoln in the morning. He comes up to her mamaroo and tries to pick her up while talking in the sweetest (and highest) voice he can muster. She stares right at him and starts cooing, all while I melt into one huge puddle on the floor of her nursery. There is nothing more wonderful than watching the people you love, love your baby... but when "people" is your older baby, it is. the. best.


Coconut Popsicles

A big thanks to WaterWipes for sponsoring this post as part of an Ambassador Program for Influence Central. I received complimentary products to facilitate my review but I'll be buying these wipes forever and ever. 

Growing up, the end of August felt like the start of Fall as I picked out new clothes and packed up school supplies in a new backpack. With little kids though, it is still very much summer and we're enjoying all of it.

This afternoon Lincoln and I enjoyed a rather melty treat on the porch while Adelaide napped. Lincoln was thrilled to finally get to hold the popsicle by himself because I decided he's only this little once (and it's just mess, right?). I'm not sure how much of the coconut goodness ended up in his mouth because there was so much of it on his hands and shirt, but he was happy and we wandered the yard barefoot afterwards as the first drops of the storm began to fall.

A simple summer moment and I want to remember for a long time. Especially the look on his face when I finally handed him the popsicle to hold.


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