Swimsuits in February + A Pledge

This post was created in collaboration with Target but all swim suit insecurities + fun vacation plans are my own ;) 

I'm doing a little happy dance over here because we just booked our tickets for a little (big!) last hurrah before baby girl gets here. It'll involve some of our best friends, great food, incredible places, and a lot of gorgeous beach. By then I'll be a solid 7 months pregnant and potentially not thrilled about living in a swim suit for a week. Last time around I didn't love being in a swim suit even at two months pregnant. But guys, you only live once and I'm reminded of my great grandfather's saying (who knows where it originally came from):

"You'd care far less about what others thought about you if you realized how seldom they did" 
Its true though, isn't it? Think about how a friend looked the last time you saw them – or a a stranger. How much do you actually remember? Did it even matter? Chances are, they were thinking about themselves + their insecurities far more than you noticed. It's like when I first found out I was pregnant and felt HUGE and no one else could even tell.

And so I couldn't resist picking up these suits at Target last week (don't even get me started on all of the cute options) - one of them will be great throughout pregnancy and the other will be ideal for the rest of the summer when I'm having fun being a new mom (a new second-time mom? a mom to a new baby? I'm not sure how to say that) and not worrying about the baby weight quite yet. Because life is too short not to get in the pool (or the ocean, or the hot tub ;).

P.S. I wasn't thrilled about the idea of photographing myself in a swim suit at 4 months pregnant (or anytime for that matter), but here's to hoping some of you are inspired to rock your suit in the next few months with less of those same thoughts.


Daily Hair Wear + Easy Dutch Ponytail

This shop has been compensated by Collective Bias, Inc. and its advertiser. All opinions are my own, just like always :) . #ReThinkColour#CollectiveBias

Do you remember when at the beginning of the summer I shared a few goals? One of them was to learn to how to do a dutch crown braid.... and while I haven't mastered getting it all the way around my head, I wear my hair in a dutch braid AT LEAST four days a week now. It's ideal for dirty hair, clean hair, times I need to look somewhat put-together, times when I need my hair out of my face, times when I don't have time, it just always works.

And speaking of hair, I'm in desperate need for a cut + touch-up. I've let someone dye my hair a total of twice in my life (if you don't count that one time in my early teens I dyed it myself with a box #worstideaever). The first time it was a dear friend + hair dresser who understood my lack of hair maintenance and stuck to the "it needs to be able to grow out naturally" instructions. This most recent time though, the ombre wasn't quite as subtle and I have a solid two inches of dark root showing when I chance a glance at the top of my head. I think it's most noticeable when my hair is up in a ponytail (especially when I see pictures) BUT, I've found an ingenious solution.

John Freida recently released their Root Blur™ Colour Blending Concealer which sounded a bit ridiculous and too good to be true at the same time to me. Makeup for your hair? But guys, I am totally sold. Its easy to apply and just a little really makes a difference temporarily blending my roots into my highlights (I use the Honey to Caramel For Medium to Dark Blonde to blend in my highlights). Now I can put off going to the salon for at least another month ;)
Dutch Braid Wrapped Pony: 

  1. Starting with a far side part, dutch braid your hair along the hair line (sticking close to your face) down to your ear. Pull in hair on each side and when you get to right below your ear, continue braiding straight down without pulling in any additional hair. Secure with a tiny elastic. 
  2. Pull the rest of your hair back into a ponytail. 
  3. Wrap the braid around the hair tie, hiding it and tuck + pin. 
P.S. Most of the time I skip steps 2 & 3 (and the tiny elastic) and just pull the whole thing into a messy bun with the dutch side braid. 

You can tell I used the root blur along the hair line by my forehead but missed the roots toward the middle of my head in the middle picture - see what a difference the root blur makes? It adds a bit of warmth to my cooler roots so the highlights still look natural and with the two different colors, you can easily match your color. This is definitely a product I would buy again + continue to use as long as my hair needs easy touch-ups.

^I picked this up at Target (it's on an end display so it's easy to find - but check availability online because not all Targets have them in store right now) - plus when you buy 3 items you get a $5 gift card.

^And because Lincoln crawled up in the middle of us taking pictures and asked to be held (by making some kind of baby noise and holding his hands up) - this is my go-to "mom" hairstyle after all :)

shirt + joggers both GAP maternity via thredUP - 20 week baby bump via an 11 ounce little girl


The Lincoln Test

Raise your hand if you've found a new favorite food! Two weeks of being sick came with a serious drop in appetite which is now back with a vengeance. This boy doesn't want to stop eating. His current favorite? Meatballs. He doesn't discriminate, but we have them most often in an Italian red sauce that is impossible not to get everywhere (unless Ben feeds them to him on a fork - which takes too much time for me :).  Last time we were down in Cincinnati though, my friend made them in a grape jelly + bbq sauce which is next on my list good.

I want to always remember the way he stuffs everything on his tray into his mouth as fast as he can (and I really want to remember it as a thing of the past because baby boy is going to seriously choke one of these days). I want to remember the way he breaks in the middle of eating just to clap or raise his hands. I even want to remember the way he threatens to drop his food on the floor before quickly putting it into his mouth when we ask him if he's all done :)

P.S. This is one of my new mom goals: to photograph more of the everyday life, the eating and the playing and the messes. I love the cute posed (or candid) pictures of the family dressed up and out doing things, but these snaps of our daily life are something I want to hold on to. And so these pictures are going down as some of my very very favorite.


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