bella: Our Wedding: The Reception


Our Wedding: The Reception

Being home this weekend has been wonderful and Jen's wedding on Saturday was gorgeous! While I'm gathering my thoughts (and emotions - the temple and Jen together result in waterworks over here), I thought I'd share pictures of our reception, a year and a half ago. 

We held the reception at my New Hampshire home after our ceremony in Boston. The wedding was indoor/outdoor with the table and food set up outside but using dance floor inside. The food and decor matched the rich Tuscan theme we were aiming for and my mom worked closely with the caterer to create a unique menu perfect for the occasion.

One of my favorite things we did at the reception was have a head table and a short reception line. For the first half and hour Ben and I greeted guests before retiring to our table removed from everyone else. Anyone coming in late had the chance to come up to the table to chat with us but we got to spend our time enjoying the delicious food and looking out at all our favorite people (and when you have wedding food that good you want to be sure you have plenty of time to enjoy it!). 
The swinging bench my mother build to have for the reception. 

delicious appetizers

the set up before the guests arrived

we had personalized olive oil bottles for wedding favors, which I loved
the striped chocolate and while almond pound wedding cake was divine

the head table
we let our food be buffet so we didn't have to assign seating and people could come and go

everyone signed up by filling out cards with various phrases on them

it sprinkled for about ten minutes in the middle of the reception - didn't phase us! 

two gorgeous bridesmaids 

some of the best steak I have EVER had

somehow my caterer convinced bertuccis to sell us their dough so we could make the rolls fresh in our oven

thin stemmed glasses were a detail I wasn't willing to sacrifice :) 

The best party I've had yet! I'll have a few more of cutting the cake, dancing, and the exit to show later! 

You can see more of our wedding here!


  1. Everything looks wonderful! The notecards are such a cute idea and the food looks delicious!!

    Amelia xxx

    PS: Come say hello at! :) x

  2. Your wedding was gorgeous!!!!


  3. I like the color scheme...and your dress is so pretty!

  4. I've never heard of using olive oil as a wedding favor! That's a creative and unique idea--and it's a useful favor, too!

  5. Thanks so much for sharing - I feel like I miss out on a lot of wedding posts once I start following someone after they're married. I feel like you can actually tell a lot about a couple from little details, and you guys have so many of them!

  6. how incredibly beautiful!! ps, those apps looks SO good!

  7. so pretty!!! i love your colors too!
    i wish i had my blog or pinterest when i was planning my wedding haha
    so many good ideas!

  8. This looks like it was such a sweet and charming reception! You looked GORGEOUS. Where in boston did you have your ceremony?

    xo, Yi-chia
    Always Maylee

  9. so pretty! i love yellow! all that food...yum! and oh i love your dress!

  10. Such a gorgeous reception! I love the color scheme. You're beautiful :)

  11. I'm in love with your dress!! It seems like everyone always goes with a strapless dress, I love how yours is different and has sleeves! Gorgeous reception!


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