bella: Frozen in Black and White // Sister Style


Frozen in Black and White // Sister Style

Oh how I loved being home for Christmas. Sometimes I wish I could pack my family up in a suitcase and take us somewhere, anywhere, where there was no one else but us. Its so fun when we're all together, just being. We could be playing games, dancing, or just eating dinner around the table and it makes my heart smile. One thing we loved over Christmas break was the movie Frozen (have you seen it? its darling) and after seeing it too many times we kept singing to each other "Do you want to build a snowman?" every half hour. We also loved playing Euchre, or maybe that was just me. I'm just counting down the days (months? years?) till we're all back together again. 

These are from New Years Eve day, the last day full day we were home. We got all the girls in black and white for sister pictures and then Caleb decided to photobomb (clearly that Hawaii boy doesn't know how to dress when he comes home to freezing New England). I still have pictures from Christmas and more to share but I'll get them all edited eventually :) 

^^just a little dancing

^^"Do you want to build a snowman!??" 

^a little more of our snowman dancing to Frozen

on me (click item for link)  // dress c/o // belt // leggings // boots (on sale) // coat c/o  // headband (sold out BR but love this one on sale)

**this dress came much shorter than I was expecting but the coat is one of my very favorites - it dresses up perfectly with heels over a skirt but also goes easily with skinnies and boots.

**so many of you asked about the houndstooth coat from the Boston post (on my sister maddie in these pictures), I've found a few options here, herehere, and here (on sale).                                                                                                                                                                                                              


  1. Adorable photos! You girls looked beautiful and like you were having a blast!

  2. We took our three-year-old to see Frozen (her first movie theater movie!) on Christmas Eve and we all LOVED it.

  3. You guys are such a lovely family and I love the wintry color scheme!

  4. This is too cute!!! That block coat is amazing!! It is a coat isn't it? Where is it from!!!


  5. This is too cute!!! That block coat is amazing!! It is a coat isn't it? Where is it from!!!


  6. Oh nevermind!! I see that you shared that in the post! Silly me!!!

  7. I am in LOVE with these pictures!! They are so fun!!

  8. Gorgeous photos! I totally own that dress from SheInside and ADORE it! Thanks for linking up with Be. You. Tiful!


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