bella: Glimpses from Christmas Eve


Glimpses from Christmas Eve

On Christmas Eve at the Earnshaw's you can always count on three things: ethnic food, a live nativity, and lots of fun. The pictures were all taken in very low lighting but how could I not share a glimpse into our Christmas Eve? 
^^The homemade egg rolls my mom and sister made were to die for! We have a tradition of having a fun ethnic meal on Christmas Eve before a much more traditional meal with extended family on Christmas day. The last time I was home for Christmas my mom served a meal from Bethlehem, this year though, it was Chinese.
^^Christmas china
^^obligatory peace sign and our Christmas stir fry

^^this fire was so hot you couldn't stand within a few feet of it for more than a minute
^a peek into the bustling kitchen

^^after dinner we had our annual Christmas Eve program (my sister Maddie at the piano)
^^ I played Mary and Ben was Joseph in our little nativity
^^the "shepherds" coming to worship the "baby Jesus"
^^We three kings of orient are
^^the whole cast (my family and a few family friends who joined in)
^^after the nativity the three sisters performed an interpretive dance number to the forgotten carol of the three kings
^^interpretive dancing in new socks on a wood floor leads to a few spills
^^if you were on my brother's snap chat list you would have gotten part of the dance routine, these pictures don't do it justice :)

We had a fun cozy night celebrating the birth of our Savior and having all of our family together. I'll have pictures of Christmas day and the rest of our holiday up soon :)

What are you Christmas Eve traditions? 

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  1. Aw, looks like a perfect family night!



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