bella: A Spring Dream // Piper and Scoot


A Spring Dream // Piper and Scoot

While we were in Utah I had the awesome opportunity to collaborate with some seriously talented ladies on this little photoshoot (lots more pictures to come). Kylee owns the boutique Piper and Scoot (and the cutest puppy known to man) and everything is seriously SO DARLING. She asked me to model a few of her spring pieces (intimidating much?) and I love how everything turned out.

side note: I want her job, hand picking the cutest items from merchandisers to carry in your shop? yes please

I met up with Brittlyn for some hair prep (and moral support) before the shoot and I love what she came up with. This loose french twist is hiding the curls underneath but about half way through we took it down and somehow I still had perfectly curled hair? I think Brittlynn needs to be a bit closer and I'm jealous of you Utah ladies who can take advantage of her skills all year round :) She also put some color in my hair the week before the shoot (she's a wizard with hair), and I can't say enough good things. If you're in Utan and looking for a hair stylist, or just someone awesome to talk to while you get your hair trimmed, tell her I said hi (but don't ask her for my embarrassing stories from college, just don't ;).

Brooke of Brooke Bakken Photography was the magic behind the lens for this shoot and she was a dream to work with. I love my husband, but every once in awhile its wonderful to have someone else behind the camera. She was consistently encouraging, telling me how great I looked or how I was doing something just right. She also had plenty of little tweaks- "drop your left shoulder just a tad," "chin up a bit," or "eyes over here." I loved working with someone that really understood posing people for the best shots (and someone who would laugh with me when we were attempting to recreate a ridiculous picture :P). Brooke is Utah based and oh so talented (and now I just want to live with her for a month and learn everything she knows). 

^I didn't put on lipstick before the shoot, waiting to see which color Kylee wanted to go with the clothes and ended up not putting any on at all - I thought I'd wish I had but I kinda love the natural look in this dreamlike meadow
^^beautiful bracelets are available at Piper & Scoot too
^everything in Piper and Scoot has the cutest details 

top: Piper and Scoot
denim: Lucky Brand
jewelry: Piper and Scoot
shoes: c/o Lulus


  1. I am loving the print of this top!


  2. That shirt is so darn adorable, and I love how you styled it. You look so lovely, as usual.

  3. Love the top! And it looks gorgeous on you. Do you mind sharing your measurements? I am usually an XS (103lbs/5'2"), but wondering if a small (the only size they have) will fit. Thanks!

  4. Hi Diana,

    The shirt is definitely a loser fit - but I'm 5'4" and around 107 pounds and I love it with a pair of skinny jeans :) Pictured above I am wearing a small - hope that helps!



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